Hello world!

My name is Jacob Alan Judd, I am the eldest of the Judd children born to Shayne and Amy Judd on January 21st, in the year of our Lord, nineteen hundred and eighty-seven (MCMLXXXVII).  My birth was celebrated the world over and was marked as “Birth Day.” Merriment was made, gifts were given and BB King donated his record collection of 7,000 records to the University of Mississippi.  The date was marked and celebrated each following year as a time to celebrate my grand entrance into this world.  It is a pity though that like most holidays, Birth Day has lost all of its sanctity and  Birth Days are given to most children these days, from the mediocre to the outright drab, everyone seems to feel entitled to being special.  Those born before me even claim to have Birth Days, and both young and old all tend to  celebrate their own Birth Days with “Birth Day parties.”  They now generally ignore the original “Birth Day” on the 21st of January, which is celebrated now by only the few closest to me.